🧱 Brick.

Choose bricks in the Registry, generate your sequence in the Builder, view others and share your own!

This project is in perpetual beta and undergoing changes continously. It was made during the Vilnius Biohackathon which you can read more about here.

v. 1.1 (190909)


Drag bricks (or click to add) from the registry and drop here, you can re-arrange the order afterwards. Double-click to delete.

Changing the assembly standard will change the sequences of prefixes and suffixes.

Once you have your sequence, visit Restriction mapper for some extended use!

Here are some great links! We recommend IDT oligo analyzer for designing primers. DNA randomizer for generating random sequences, for example spacers.. Curious about Codons, use COOL. Looking for motifs? Try our favourite toolbox. And in case you need a calculator use NEB or NEB TM.


Here you can find a selection of bricks from iGEM. The data is being fetched from this spreadsheet, for a list of all the parts visit

Choose a category below and type in free text to filter the registry! The bricks are ordered from most to least uses indicated by the iGEM registry.